When thinking about the liquid to add to your protein shake, a lot of you will consider water instead of milk. But why did milk fell into descredit? The only thing water guarantees is that the solely nutrients you get from your shake are those displayed on our packaging.


What about the calories, carbs and proteins?

One of the main differences between mixing protein powder with milk or water is your caloric intake. For instance our Premium Pure Whey powders contain about 119 calories per serving. Only when you want to be conserving every calorie, you can choose to mix the powder with water. In this case you won’t boost the calorie load. Opting for skimmed milk will increase the calories with about 90 kcal per shake. Is this such a big problem? Not at all! Even when your goal is to shed some excess body fat, you can easily factor in the extra calories, proteins and carbohydrates into your daily diet plan.

Skimmed milk has as good as no fat, but will add up in carbs. While our Pure Whey contains only 2 grams thanks to the new formula, you have to look at the fact that skimmed milk adds about 12 grams of carbs to your protein shake. Keep in mind that carbohydrates are not the enemy! They provide your body with energy throughout the day and will help with the recovery of your muscles and replenish your energy supply after a workout.

On the other hand milk will boost the protein content about 8 grams per serving. Milk is composed of around 20% whey and 80 % casein, both of which are high-quality proteins. They provide a complete range of amino acids that are easily digested and enhance muscle protein sythesis.


So, the flavor?

Even though all our protein shakes and protein based mixes blend perfect and taste damn good with cold water, they will become so much better with milk. Giving an even more rich and enjoyable flavour. We suggest to test out all of your Performance protein powders and protein mixes with both water and milk. Ultimately, the decision you make will all and only depend on your own personal preference.