We all would like to have hours of time in the morning where we can enjoy our cup of coffee and an extensive breakfast. But in real life it’s a race against the clock. Rush hour in the bathroom and a quick bite of all healthy foods you are able to find along your way through the kitchen.


We have got your solution!

Even if you are a master at time management, we realise that a perfect healthy breakfast planning is not always that easy as it seems. Here comes our new Sports Breakfast in handy. It is everything you need in the morning. A delicious and very nutritious breakfast shake that delivers quality carbohydrates and proteins to you while pursueing your healthy and active lifestyle. An excellent mix that will ready in just a few seconds. Drink it while you are getting ready for the new day or take it along with you to enjoy while commuting.

What is exactly is it?

Sports Breakfast contains 73% high-quality complex carbs coming from oatmeal. This in combination with Whey Protein which will be absorbed quickly by your body. To sum it up: high in fibre, low in sugar and providing you with the needed energy to kickstart your day.

What else?

Does the name ‘Sports Breakfast’ scare you? No worries! Maybe you are not a real sports enthusiast, but just looking for healthy way of living with a better body? Maybe you could use a delicious saturating snack like this throughout the day? Yes! Even in these cases, Sports Breakfast as a combination shake will become your quick and super tasty lifesaver. You can mix it with water, but even better with milk.

So drink up and let’s go!


Available in chocolate and vanilla flavour.