Say hello to your new favorite bedtime snack!
We cheer one of the updated proteins in our product line, Pure Micellar Casein (replacing the well-known PRO90).

But what exactely is casein?

Whey protein and casein protein come from cow’s milk and derived from the cheese making process.
The total protein content of milk is divided in about 80% casein and 20% whey.
Casein is also called the slower protein as opposed to whey as the fast equivalent.

The benefits?

Timing! Casein will last longer in your system. It is gradually digested and clots when it hits the stomach. It appears to have an anti-catabolic effect.
Good for preventing muscle breakdown, because it provides your bloodstream with a slow, steady and efficient flow of amino acids that could last for hours.
Result? An increased feeling of fullness over a longer period of time thanks to higher satiety levels.
It will also provide better results as studies have shown that taking whey and casein together contributed to greater increases in lean, fat-free mass.
Combining the best of both worlds.

When do you to take it?

Famous as ‘the better nightcap’, it can also easily be comsumed at any time of day.
But due to it’s slow digestion and amino acid release, casein can best used before fasting or when you might be without food for a longer period of time (work, travelling, overnight, …).
Take it to keep you satiated and your muscles satisfied. Even when you are tired of eating that plain skimmed curd before bedtime over and over again.
A Pure Micellar Casein shake will hold off catabolism (muscle breakdown) and can be an ejoyable change to your daily meal plan.

Micellar Casein is now available in banana, vanilla and chocolate flavor.