Is your body ready for the summer?

When the good weather is out, a lot of you will be dreaming of that ‘summer ready’ body. Although this may look different for some of you, the way to get there looks quite the same.

When it comes down to fat loss, the slower you go, the better. So get started now! In this order you can keep your calories up, maintain the strenght you might have built during winter and not walk around like a frustrated little calorie-starved monster.

Remember that the more fat you want to lose, the greater amount of time you will need to safely and truly shed fat weight; not just water weight, or even worse, muscle.

Working out

However food and nutrition will always be your main priority, it’s almost equally important to stay consistent in your training. This will help you burn off the extra calories throughout the day. Implement the activities you like the most and get your full satisfaction out of it. The more you love what you do and you love the way you work yourself into sweat, the longer you will keep doing it.


As mentioned in previous blog posts, creating a negative energy balance is key. By forcing your body to look elsewhere to fill the energy deficit you have created, you’ll end up losing more body fat. So start consuming less food than you burn calories throughout the day.

A general guideline that works for many people is to aim for eating at a deficit of approximately 500 calories per day without resorting to extreme dieting. Sure, a more aggresive diet can achieve weight loss in a shorter amount of time, but there are limitations to how deep in calorie dept you can get before you wreck your metabolism.

Would you hate it to leave our Protein Baking Mix, Sports Breakfast or other yummy goods behind, because you might think protein waffles and pancakes will you do no good for the summer? Well, you’re wrong! Be creative and cut down the portions per serving mentioned on our package. Less calories, but still your favourite sweets!


Make sure to keep an eye on your protein intake. By consuming adequate protein, you’ll be able to limit the amount of muscle mass you burn through by staying on a calorie deficit diet. Besides what you eat, supplementing with our Premium Pure Whey will come in handy. Daddy exactly? Choose our ultra pure Whey Protein Isolate to cut off the last sugars and fat.

Our Omega 3 softgels are a group of unsaturated fatty acids and an indispensable nutritional supplement to keep your body healthy. Especially when you are cutting down on those calories. They not only help with the blood flow of your muscles, but are good for your cholesterol and cardiovascular system.

Looking for a little extra help? The natural ingredients of our Yellow Burner or Maxa-Lean have thermogenic and diuretic effects that will help you to push a little further and deliver that extra boost of energy you might need along the way. Don’t expect them to do all the work for you, because you still need to work your ass off. When retaining excess body fluid, our Fluid Fighter will help you feel lighter and slimmer. A 100% natural formula to achieve that leaner look.


A fourth is to prioritize sleep. Not enough hours of night rest or a poor quality sleep, will hamper your fat loss. In the case of sleep deprivation you will have to diet about twice as long for the same fat loss. AND you might lose more than twice as much muscle mass.