As from now we have imported a new feature on our webshop to reward your loyalty.

How does it work?

For each of your online purchases you are now able to earn points. Right below every product you’ll find a symbol and an indication of how much loyalty points you can gather when buying this product. Depending on how much you purchase, your earned points will easily stack up. When checking out your shopping cart, you’ll see how much total loyalty points you have collected. For every euro spent, you will receive an amazing 7 points.

What is your reward?

When you accumulate at least 500 points, you can use these as a 5€ discount on your next order. This means that 1 point is worth 0,01€. At first this might not look like much. But! When you spend for instance 72€ on our webshop (and let’s admit that won’t be difficult with all the goodies), you will immediately have 500+ points and be rewarded with a 5€ reduction on your next order. Of course you can save up to 1000, 1500, 2000, … points to add an ever bigger reduction to your next purchase. How great is that?!


The more you come back to our webshop to enjoy our great tasting high-quality products, the more we will reward you as our loyal customer.
We are looking forward to see you soon!