Of course spending a lot of hours on your bike is one of the keys to succes. But when you want to reveal your full potential, good and healthy nutrition will be even more important. Providing your body with what’s necessary to take on the long roads.

Some main focus points:

-        Eat sufficient to fuel your body

-        Think about your macro’s: carbs, proteins and healthy fats

-        Don’t forget your micro’s: vitamins, minerals and water

-        Grab your daily fruit and veggies

-        Recharge your batteries during training

-        Replenish after

Let’s step a little bit more into detail.


As mentioned in our previous blog article, you’ll need to add some supplements to your basic daily routine for your overall health:

-        CAL/MAG

-        Vita-Vites

-        BCAA



The level of your performance can be directly linked to how well you hydrate before and during your training. Drinking enough fluid will not only support better riding, but will result in better energy levels while you’re going about your daily life. In addition to drinking at least 1,5 to 2 liters of water across your day, you should ideally be drinking additional fluid to match any loss during riding.

Kre-Alkalyn Xtreme

Do you want to put in more explosiveness and short, powerfull bursts of effort? Kre-Alkalyn Xtreme will offer you all the advantages of creatine, such as training longer and harder, but without the side effects. The supplement supports your body, allows you to exercise more intensively and protect your muscles against elaborate lactic acid accumulation during training or competition.


-        Patented technology

-        Goes straight to your muscle

-        Disadvantages of regular creatine stay away

-        Smaller dosage needed

-        No loading phase

Use: take 5 capsules per day, 1 hour before in advance


Get up on time and kickstart your day with a hearty breakfast and make sure the meal has enough time to digest. If you are still doubting what works best for you, try out our Sports Breakfast. A tasteful and all-embracing breakfast shake. The combination of high quality complex carbohydrates coming from oatmeal with pure Whey Concentrate protein.

Use: Mix 75 g in 300 - 450 ml of cold water or skimmed milk. Drink this at least 3 hours in advance.

Need something extra? Eat an Oat Bar, in the flavour of your choice, one hour in advance.


Carbo Energizer

This is your overall daily energy drink to maximize your performance. It contains 3 different kinds of carbohydrates; maltodextrine, dextrose and fructose. Together they ensure a permanent supply of energy in short, medium and long term.

-        Aspartame free

-        Mixes smoothly with water

-        Enriched with vitamins and minerals

-        Refreshing tastes: Blood Orange, Tropical and our surprising Lemon&Cucumber

Use: Mix 2x 50 gr per 500 ml of water and you can start drinking as soon as you put your feet in the pedals.

Iso Drink

On hot and sweaty summer days or when losing lots of fluid, it becomes really important to replenish your electrolytes which are lost through sweat. Iso Drink is your ideal isotonic thirst quencher; optimal for hydratation and provides the right fuel.

-        Enriched with Vitamin C

-        Aspartame free

-        PH control to prevent stomach problems

-        Refreshing tastes: Grapefruit, Tropical and the outstanding Lemon&Cucumber

Use: Mix 35 g with 500 ml of water. You can switch to your Iso Drink when the outside temperature is running higher, when you are sweating a lot and after being 1,5 hours on the road.


You will need to fuel your body with 30 - 60 gr of carbs every 60 minutes.


Instant Recovery Complex

Instant Recovery Complex is your first choice in the support of your body after an intense workout or competition. It is necessary to refuel with the right nutrients in order to maximise the recovery of your muscles. Not only to face the next challenges, but also to prevent muscle acidification and muscle breakdown.  

-        3000 mg BCAAs per serving

-        4 carbohydrate sources

-        Aspartame free

-        Vitamin and mineral complex

-        Ultra fast recovery

Use: Mix 40 g with 400 ml of water. You can start drinking and recovering right after your training or competition. Or use the following:

Recup Xtreme

Recup Xtreme is a recuperation shake of superior quality and recharges your energy after an intense competition or training. The high-quality carbohydrates, maltodextrin and fructose, replenish the used glycogen in your muscles and deliver a new dose of energy. The combination of whey isolate, concentrenate and hydrolysate provides your body immediately with the necessary amino acids. 

-        With creatine monohydrate

-        7 g of BCAAs per serving

-        Aspartame free

-        Delicious Belgian chocolate flavour

Use: Mix 75 g with 350 ml of water. This delicious chocolate drink can best be taken between 60 and 90 minutes after exercise.


When you rather want to be nibbling on some bars, you can choose for a Fast Recovery Bar or a Prosnax, providing both everyhting you’ll need after a ‘shorter’ trip on the road. After 2 -  3 hours you’ll be able to eat a healthy restorative meal to fully refuel your body and energy levels.



Long endurance training ahead? Do you want to increase your muscle endurance and postpone the formation of lactic acid? Make sure to add Beta-Alanine to your daily supplements.

-        Prevents muscle acidification

-        Increases carnosine in the body by up to 80%

-        Ideal for more extensive training

Use: Take 2 capsules in the morning and 2 capsules in the evening with 250 ml of water. Start on time with this supplement, because it can take up to 4 weeks before giving it’s full potential.



Carbo Loader

When preparing for long intensive hours on the road, it is important to start carb loading in advance. You will need to build up and maximize the glycogen in your muscles.

Carbo Loader, consisting of 97% carbohydrates, is a combination of Karbo-Lyn™ and Pea starch. Absorption of this high-tech carbohydrate is 80% faster than the absorption of maltodextrin, dextrose, bread, pasta, rice and other carbohydrate products.

Carbo Loader is used when you are looking for a fast, easy, convenient and safe way to load the muscles with glycogen before your physical exercise; without having to eat those large amounts of pasta. Carbo Loader is sugar free and has a refreshing taste.

Use: Mix 50 g with 500 ml of water. As far as the amount of carbohydrates during the loading phase is concerned, you are best off at 7-12 g per kilogram of body weight.




When it comes down to provoking an energizing effect, gels are also very effective. With its concentration of glucose syrup, our Fresh’Up is quickly assimilated and allows a rapid recharge of energy. Its combination with guarana and ginseng produces an “energizing” effect.

Magn’Up Gel, with its combination of magnesium and vitamin B1 and B6, can be used more towards the end of your training and/or competition.