Protein Baking Mix - Pancakes, Waffles and More

    Happiness is… pancakes. Does this sound familiar to you? Well aren’t you lucky, because our heavenly protein pancakes are back! And even better than they were before!

    Sports Breakfast - New and amazingly delicious

    A delicious and very nutritious breakfast shake that delivers quality carbohydrates and proteins to you while pursueing your healthy and active lifestyle.

    Your protein shake: with milk or water?

    When thinking about the liquid to add to your protein shake, a lot of you will consider water instead of milk. But why did milk fell into descredit?

    Get rewarded for your loyalty

    As from now we have imported a new feature on our webshop to reward your loyalty.

    Ultra Lean Gainer - What, why and when?

    Ultra Lean Gainer

    Whey Protein Isolate - New and improved

    Whey Isolate is our ultimate and most pure proteinshake of all. WITH a fatastic flavor.

    Presented: Our new Pure Micellar Casein

    Say hello to your new favorite bedtime snack! We cheer one of the updated proteins in our product line, Pure Micellar Casein (replacing the well-known PRO90).

    Everything you need to know about the different types of carbs

    Carbohydrates are the nutrients that provide our body with energy. Energy is essential to keep our body working, we need them to stay healthy. Carbs don’t have the best connotation to them. They are often seen as the malefactor in gaining those extra kilos. A carb-free diet is often suggested to lose weight, but is that even a good idea?

    Interview with fight athlete Vincent Gloris

    Fight athlete Vincent Gloris has been fighting in the A-Class Thai boxing since 2013, the highest reachable level in the sport. Since then he earned the title of Benelux-champion -72,5kg. But that’s not all, with an elaborate track record and black belts in several fight sports, Vincent is a specialist when it comes to fight trainings and – competitions.

    The workout you can do at home

    Whether you are oh-so-busy, or not feeling like going to the gym today, no excuse is good enough to skip your daily exercise. We all have those days on which an extensive workout just can’t be the priority, but that doesn’t have to mean we should skip it all together. Therefore, we have selected some effective exercises you can do at home. Whether you make it a workout of 15 minutes, half an hour, or even longer is up to you… Here’s some inspiration!
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