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Nutrico a été fondé en 1994 dans le but de produire des compléments alimentaires destinés aux sportifs. La diversité de sa gamme et son excellente connaissance du marché

lui permettent de s’imposer rapidement comme une valeur sur le marché national. En 2005, la société est rachetée par Besins Healthcare Belgique, désireuse de compléter ses activités pharmaceutiques et d’investir dans le secteur nutritionnel.



Nutrico was founded 15 years ago to market sports nutrition for bodybuilders under the Performance brand name. The company became a valuable, long-term player on the domestic market thanks to its wide range and strong knowledge of its market.

In 2005, it was taken over by the Belgian pharmaceutical company, Besins Healthcare, who wanted to invest in the nutritional sector, which was booming by that time, in addition to their pharmaceutical activities all over the world.



Nutrico, market leader in Belgium, is already present in more than 33 European countries and is currently focusing on the Arabic and ASPAC (Asian Pacific) countries.


The slogan “Quality is our Priority” has not been changed over the years and recently became even more important.

In 2007, Nutrico already had a firm foundation to build on, thanks to the wide range of supplements, drinks and bars.

The main customers were the heavy users from the bodybuilding and fitness world. This was partially due to the black packaging and hard-core look.



To appeal to a wider target group of both professional and recreational athletes, the products of Nutrico were divided into two segments, each with its own recipe, look and sub branding.

On the one hand the black ‘Nutrition for Athletes’ – products and on the other hand the blue ‘Sports Nutrition’-products. 



After two years of hard work, Nutrico is ready to collect. The two ranges are a fact.

Besides, Nutrico also carried through a lot of innovations in the wide Performance range in 2008.



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