Have you been writing down your New Year’s resolutions, but already realize that it will be difficult to stick to them? We made a list of one of the best free applications to help you and guide you through, with whatever healthy goals you have set for yourself.





With the largest 3.000.000+ food database it gets easy to count your calories. Save your favourite foods, scan barcodes and even import your own recipes to get a full overview of all the nutrients. One of the fastest and most user-friendly calorie counter around.



Keep track of all your dietary and health habits and get diet tips and recipes. Pick a goal, choose your plan and the app will send you daily reminders to improve your diet. Don’t yet know which plan will suit you best? Do the test and discover the right way.



Are you drinking enough water throughout the day? Not only using our flashy Dumbbell Bottle will help you, but also this fun app where you can log your intake and set up helpfull reminders. It will only take you 60 seconds to stay on track.


Although you’ll find numerous online tools to help you track your food and exercise, it works even better when you have a whole community supporting you of people with the same health and fitness goals. Make tracking calories and getting proper nutrition easy!



Endless possiblities to workout at home with exercises according to your goals, level and your favourite way of training. No gym or weights? Just set the time you are available to train and there are no more excuses left to skip that workout.



Can’t get enough of those bodyweight workouts? This app will be worth downloading. More than 900 workout variations, covering all your muscles groups that last anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes. One of the most effective fitness training programs you can literally do everywhere.


Zombies, Run!

Make running fun and carry out missions to keep the human race safe from a zombie apocalypse. Grab your running shoes, put on your headphones and your audio adventure starts right away. There is only one thing you can do: RUN!


Strava Running and Cycling

Not many apps will come close to the capabilities offered by this one. An easy way to keep track of your runs, rides and other activities and to see your distance, speed, elevation, calories burned, heart rate, power and cadence. All displayed in easy to understand graphics.



A multifunctional app that has someting for everyone, from beginning runner to those training for a marathon and others who prefer to hit the road on two wheels. It gives you audio updates, helps you count calories and connects to your music library where it chooses tracks that best suit the pace and rythem of your run.


Daily Yoga

Come to life. Come to yoga. More than 200 guided yoga classes, but also pilates, meditation and more. Choose your specific focus, from increasing flexibility to strenghtening your core. The app offers health benefits for both your body and mind.


WOD Generator

Into CrossFit and don’t want to skip your WOD or looking for something more intense? This app provides almost 5000 workouts. Choose a category as wished and generate a random workout of the day. It even explains all the used terms and abbreviations.



Relax / Power Nap With Andrew Johnson

Hectic days or struggling to fall asleep? To be able to de-stress and fully relax is vital for your health and well being. Let the calm and soothing voice of Andrew Johnson’s guided meditation clear your mind and talk you into a deep sleep.



See this app as a gym membership, but for your emotional health. Whether you are feeling stressed, anxious, depressed or dealing with negative thoughts. The app brings you effective and quick daily activities, including games, mindful meditations and assesments.


7 Cups

Feeling the need to talk someone about what’s on your mind, but you are afraid to be judged by your friends? This app gives you free anonymous emotional support and counseling from trained active listeners. Choose for one on one chats or get supported in chat rooms and community forums.



Learn how to meditate and discover all the benifits of it. The app will help you perform at your best through the life-changing skills and teaches you the essentials of living a healthier, happier life. Sit back, relax and breathe.