IFBB Bikini Model Kelly Van Looy is what you call a Power Lady! Fitness and nutrition have central positions in her life, she gives it a lot of her time and effort. She’s 1.64m and weighs 52kg on season, 57kg off season. We were curious of her daily routines and how she prepares for bikini contests…

How many hours do you train per week?

I spend 7,5 to 8 hours per week at the gym for strength training. When I’m in preparation for a contest, I add 3 to 4 hours of cardio per week.

What is your diet in the preparatory phase?

I follow a strict diet, tailor-made for me by Rob Broeckx, from Fitstar Sports Nutrition, where I buy my Performance products and where I do follow ups of my nutrition plan. He prefers working with Belgian brands, because here the quality of supplements gets monitored well.

I supplement my nutrition with Performance Supplements, these are essential for good results. Together with my coach Rob we determine which ones I need and are the best for me. When I prepare for a contest I use Whey Isolate, Amino Liquid, BCAA 6000, Fat Releaser, Fluid Fighter and Glutamine.

When I’m not preparing for a contest I don’t use Fat Releaser and Fluid Fighter. Then, I like eating protein pancakes made with the Protein Pancake Mix or a Protein Crunch bar as a snack.

How do you prepare for a contest?

Extra cardio is very important for me at that stage. I don’t like cardio, that’s why I only do it when preparing for a contest. The last weeks before the contest I also go for a measurement checkup each week.

Of course poses are also very important for bikini contests, I practice my poses every day. I recently started giving posing classes to enhance the confidence and skills of starting IFBB athletes.

What is your secret to staying in shape?

I share all my preparations and nutrition on my Facebook page, I’m an open book… I answer all the questions I get through Facebook.

They often ask me how I do all of this… I can only say that you have to be determined, never give up! Always keep in mind why you started in the first place and what your goals were.

Do you have tips for starting athletes?

Like I already said, determination and motivation are the most important thing, you won’t get any results unless you give it your 100%. Everyone has a dip once in a while. Whenever my motivation is down I watch videos and photos of people I look up to. Watching videos of bikini athletes gives me an enormous boost, after that I’m ready to go for it again.

What does Performance Sports Nutrition mean for you?

I’m very happy to be a Performance athlete, to be part of the team. I have been using the products even since before I got sponsored by them, so it was a real honor for me when they agreed to sponsor me! The products definitely help me in getting good results.

What is your favorite supplement?

It’s difficult to pick one. Amino Liquid has always been my favorite because it really has a good effect and moreover, it’s the tastiest amino I ever tried. But then again, since I got to know the Protein Crunch, I’m crazy about those protein bars too, they are so good!

I guess when I would have to choose, I would still pick Amino Liquid, because I use it every day.

Who do you look up to?

Another difficult one to pick… so many fitness girls! But Michelle Lewin is still my favorite, she is the whole reason I started training in the first place. I started off doing a lot of squats and training my legs, because I wanted a booty just like hers. It has become a bit of an addiction, so I love training my legs and butt the most. You can call it booty building ;)

Kelly shares her nutrition and fitness tips on Facebook and Instagram, a fun source of inspiration.

2nd place BIFBB nationals Bikini Fitness
Participated in the European Championship IFBB

3rd at Ironman & Ironmaiden
Participated in Loaded Cup Denmark
Participated in European championship IFBB Spain
Participated Enercup Netherlands
Participated in Belgian Championship

2nd at IFBB Belgian Championship bikini