Fight athlete Vincent Gloris has been fighting in the A-Class Thai boxing since 2013, the highest reachable level in the sport. Since then he earned the title of Benelux-champion -72,5kg. But that’s not all, with an elaborate track record and black belts in several fight sports, Vincent is a specialist when it comes to fight trainings and – competitions.

We were curious about his training- and nutrition habits and got to ask him a couple of questions.

How many hours do you train per week?

It‘s difficult to put a number to that, it depends on the training camps. If I’m preparing for a competition, I’ll train 1 to 2 times per day. The exact duration of the training is difficult to tell because it depends on what kind of training I’m doing. This can be Thai boxing or boxing, but also HIIT training, crossfit, swimming,…

Which diet do you follow in the preparatory stage?

In Thai boxing we get divided into weight categories, a lot depends on that. To stay within the category, I have to eat less or more depending on my current weight. In general, I’m quite free in my nutrition because my body weight always stays around my required competition weight.

Furthermore, I supplement my nutrition with Performance supplements for an extra good performance. To keep my vitamin levels on point, I use Vita VitesOmega 3Cal/Mag and Joint Support.

For breakfast and for muscle repair after training I use Pure WheyPro 80 and Glutamine. While training, I drink Carbo Energizer and for an optimal repair after a tough training I use BCAA 6000.

With light efforts and as a snack, at last, I go for a ProSnax bar.

My favorite supplement is Recup Extra, my muscles repair the best after an intense training with this supplement.

How do you prepare for a Thai boxing fight?

In Thai boxing and fight sports in general, a lot depends on the contestant. During the training camp, the biggest part of the training consists of Thai boxing of course. Besides that, we go for trainings according to the strong points of the contestant. These can be strength training, explosiveness, speed, ….

What is your secret to stay in shape?

A lot of training, but also having fun with it! As long as you’re having fun, everything goes better and faster, don’t take training TOO serious.

Do you have tips for starting fighters?

Always keep your head up, even if you lose a fight or have a bad training! It’s part of the learning- and growth process you’re going through. With enough determination and the right attitude, you will get there!

What does Performance Sports Nutrition mean to you?

Performance Sports Nutrition, to me, stands for quality! Thanks to their many years of experience in the sport world, in many different disciplines, they gained a lot of knowledge. They used this expertise to bring GREAT products on the market, that can benefit every sportsman, recreational or professional…