Protein bar. Brownie. Caramel. Crunchy.

Do we need to say more? As super convincing all these words combined sound, the flavour is even better. For those who tasted and loved our Protein Crunch before, you know these bars were already hard to resist. This time we’ve added a new Protein Crunch bar to our product line : Brownie & Caramel. You must be drooling by now, dreaming of opening up the package and going for that first divine bite.

This crunchy bar provides 21 grams of protein and contains a protein complex of milk protein, collagen, hydrolisate and soy protein. Protein Crunch can perfectly go for a recovery bar, because it holds everything you need to replenish after a good training session. But even so as a satisfying snack on-the-go. Just want to nibble? Cut off small blocks of the protein bar to improve your dull yoghurt meals and to upp the proteins. You’ll love the extra texture in addition to the oh so amazing taste.