A complex of vitamins/minerals and antioxidants.
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> Reduces fatigue (*1)
> Protection of cells from oxidative stress (*2)
> Promotes the proper functioning of the muscles (*3)
> Supports the immune system (*4)


This complex of multivitamins and minerals contributes to the proper functioning of the muscles (*3) and helps reduce fatigue (*1). Vita Vites contains vitamins B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, B12, C and magnesium which can reduce fatigue.

A healthy, balanced daily diet provides us with the majority of vitamins and minerals we need. However, our meals are not always ideally balanced and our lifestyle sometimes leaves something to be desired. For athletes, the importance of proper nutrition is a determining factor for progress. Too often, injuries, chronic fatigue and stagnation are caused by a diet that is deficient in essential nutrients.

For this reason, dietary supplements can be a valuable aid to compensate for any deficiencies. They provide our body with the elements it regularly needs to function optimally.
Vitamins and minerals play a key role in the balance and proper functioning of the body. Vitamin A, B12, and selenium contribute to the normal function of the immune system (*4). Magnesium, calcium and vitamin D play a role in the normal functioning of our muscles (*3).
Antioxidants are molecules that prevent the oxidation of certain chemical substances, and thereby limit the production of free radicals. These can be harmful for the body and damage our cells when there is an excess of them in the body. Vitamin B2, C and E, copper, manganese, selenium, zinc and support the protection of the cells from oxidative stress (*2).

Spirulina is one of the most complete food nutritents in terms of its nutritional properties. It contains an exceptional quantity of complete vegetable proteins (60%). Spirulina is highly digestible and is well assimilated by the body. A growing body or one engaged in specific sports needs more nutrients to maintain a good health.

Suggested use: Take 2 tablets per day with 150ml of water, preferably in the morning with food.

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