Frequently asked questions

  1. Is it important to use the Recup Fast immediately after the training?

    Yes, it is very important to use the Recup Fast immediately after the training. If you would use an other drink or nutrition, the active ingredients of the Recup Fast will not be absorbed totally to ensure a total recovery.

    It is best to use this product in combination with the Performance RX, for an optimal functioning of both. By adding nutrients which enhance the recovery, the Performance RX delivers everything an athlete needs after a training or competition.

    This recovery drink works best taking approximately 1 hour after exercising. It is a recommended product for athletes who deliver consecutive long lasting physical performances, for example cyclists.

  2. Is Tribulus Terrestris also to be used by women?

    There is certainly no harm for women to use the Tribulus Terrestris. Women naturally don’t have a lot of testosterone, so a small increase can already give results.

  3. I use the Performance Hi-Vites daily. Is it ok to also use the Recup Fast at the same time?

    Off course you can use the Recup Fast in combination with the Hi-Vites or any other Performance product. All the Performance supplements are perfectly compatible.

  4. Why use a bar rich in proteins?

    Nowadays, most of us are always in shortage of time. Work fulltime, train, sleep, eat,… There isn’t a lot of time left to prepare a decent meal every day.

    Someone who trains and works on their body, needs to pay more attention to their nutrition, otherwise all those trainings will be useless.

    Carbohydrates and fats are sufficiently (even abundant) present in most food articles, especially in snacks. The use of a protein bar as an in-between is highly recommended, to maintain the balance between the different macronutrients (like carbohydrates, proteins and fats).

    When the body gets inadequate amounts of proteins from the nutrition, the muscle tissue will be worn out. To prevent this from happening, it is important to eat enough proteins.

    A bar is an easy way to consume extra proteins. No dragging shakers and powder, a bar is always ready to eat.

  5. I would like to start taking creatine. But I’m still having doubts what to take so I will enhance the absorption. My goal is to gain muscle mass.

    If you wish to gain muscle mass, creatine is an excellent product. But you should also pay attention to your nutrition. Be sure that your nutrition is rich in proteins, so that the muscles can retrieve the necessary building materials.

    For an optimal absorption of these building materials, it is recommended to also use a vitamin and mineral supplement. Our Western diet isn’t really that complete.

    In the Performance assortment, there are two important vitamin and mineral supplements: Hi-vites and Anti-Oxidant.

    If you wish to take other muscle building and supporting supplements above the Creatine, you could use amino acid and protein supplements. Performance has a lot of protein powders and amino acid products to choose from.

    These supplements can be used as an addition to your meals to provide your muscles with essential elements.

  6. As a sportsmen, do I need proteins?

    Absolutely! When practicing sports, you can surely use proteins. An extra effort means: more damage and building of the muscle mass, so more need of building substances namely amino acids, so also more need of proteins, the source of amino acids.

  7. At the moment, I’m using the Superior Protein Complex. Do I benefit from also using BCAA and Glutamine?

    It is best to use the BCAA when training. 2 tablets half an hour before the training and 2 tablets after the training. The great advantage of the BCAA is that it works in an anticatabolic way and it ensures a better protein synthesis, ensuring a better absorption of the SPC.

    If you don’t use the SPC immediately after the training, it is recommended to use Glutamine after the training.

  8. I am taking the Kre-Alkalyn® Xtreme as a supplement before cycling and going to the gym. Is it also necessary to take it after the exercising?

    It is always highly recommended to replenish your creatine supply after every training.

    If you already use a supplement after training containing creatine, you don’t need to use extra Kre-Alkalyn®.

    Extra information:
    There are 3 substances that absolutely need to be refilled after a training, namely carbohydrates, proteins and creatine. These are the 3 nutrients which can be found in every decent post workout product (like the Recup Extra, Recup Fast or RX).

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