Premium Pure Whey

Premium Pure Whey is the perfect product for the supply of qualitative proteins to athletes and people with an active lifestyle. It is rich in essential amino acids of which 17% of BCAAs and 13% of L-Glutamine, that our body can't create by itself. The fast absorption of proteins make this product perfect for recovery/recuperation. This product contains no added sugar and is low in fat.

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Premium Pure Whey
When we practice sports, our muscles become charged and (depending on the intensity of the exercise) damaged. Immediately after training, our body will start to repair this damage. To make this repair process more efficient, there need to be enough building blocks (proteins, amino acids) available in our body. Premium Pure Whey is a supplement that was developed to support this repair process. When we consume a serving of Premium Pure Whey after training, our body receives a lot of proteins with a good amino acid profile in a fast and efficient way. The essential amino acids that are present in this formula can not be created in our body and will therefore need to be taken in through nutrition or supplementation. Premium Pure Whey also contains a high dose of L-Glutamine and BCAAs. This supplement will contribute to the maintenance and growth of muscle mass.
The high quality proteins used in Premium Pure Whey are filtered through cross-flow microfiltration. This process removes the biggest part of unwanted components like fat but keeps the unique fractions of the product.
One shake contains an average of 23g of proteins, very few carbohydrates and very few lipids. This shake mixes very easily with both milk and water en does not cause a swollen belly after consuming.
Premium Pure Whey is also a perfect ally in a protein diet.

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Objective Endurance & muscle endurance, Recovery
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