Whey Isolate is our ultimate and most pure proteinshake of all. WITH a fatastic flavor.

What is Whey Isolate?

As a byproduct of making cheese, Whey Isolate undergoes another filtration process as opposed to Pure Whey Protein. The carbohydrates and fat, that naturally occur in Whey Protein, are filtered out as much as possible. Resulting in Whey Isolate being much more pure than Whey Protein.


Whey Isolate contains high levels of branched chain amino acids. 19,5% per serving! BCAAs are unlike other amino acids in the promotion of muscle growth, because they can be metabolized directly into the muscle tissue. Due to the fact that Whey Isolate contains little to no milk sugar, this product is also interesting for people with lactose intolerance. Whey Isolate not only contains more proteins, but is also absorbed more quickly by the body and ensures a faster insulin response.

Important to know

Although the internet claims to have Whey Isolate with a percentage of 90 and more, those figures as good as unreachable. When being realistic and looking at the raw material, we start at a powder that contains 94% of proteins. After adding natural flavours such as our chocolate one, the percentage inevitably easily drops below 90%. Resulting in our purest Whey Isolate consisting of 88% top quality proteins (isolate and hydrolisate).

When to take?

Whey Protein Isolate can be taken at any given moment, on any time of day.

Available in vanilla and chocolate flavour.