To get the best out of your supplements, it is important to know when exactly you should use them. The moment of the intake determines the effectiveness in building your muscles and their recovery. It is essential to have the right product knowledge. For beginners this is not always self-evident. To help a little, we made an overview that will increase the efficiency of your training sessions significantly.


In the morning

To get a head start, your body needs the right vitamins. Tough training sessions cause your body to need more of them. Therefore it is recommended to complement your nutrition with something extra to maintain your vitamin levels. This applies even more if you do not add a whole lot of fruit and vegetables in your diet. Vita Vites is a vitamin and mineral complex from our range that will be a good fit for this. Take two in the morning with a big glass of water. In addition to vitamins, it is even more important to start your day with a good breakfast. A shake of 30 gram Pure Whey with 300ml water or skimmed milk in combination with oatmeal, a banana, whole grain bread,… gives you the power you need to start your day full of energy. Our Pure Whey is available in 11 flavors. The body absorbs the proteins fast and it creates high levels of amino acids that encourage muscle building.


In between meals it is also important to choose the right snacks. Choose both in the morning and in the afternoon for a Pro 80 shake. The formula of this protein is a combination of 50% calcium caseinate and 50% whey concentrate. These components each work differently, they are active at different times. Calcium caseinate digests slowly while whey protein digests fast. For those who are less of a fan of shakes, you can choose to replace a shake with a protein bar. Our Nutribar, Megabar or Prosnax are a good choice here.

Before workout 

Not only what you take up after training is of importance, the right nutrition before training makes a big difference. However, it doesn’t stop there, extra supplements will make the difference in reaching your goals. Take 3 BCAA capsules, they will prevent muscle breakdown and ensure a better recovery after the training session. Add B-alanine for better and longer trainings, available in capsules or incorporated in The Bomb, a pre-workout formula also including Kre-Alkalyn, taurine, L-arginine and guarana. The Bomb enhances the power and intensity of the workout.

After workout

BCAA is just as important after the workout as before, take three capsules for a fast and full recovery. To reduce muscle fatigue after the training it is recommended to take 5 grams of Glutamine.

Before bed

To provide your muscles with a constant stream of protein, it is recommended to take in a protein consisting of 100% casein before going to bed. A Pro 90 shake gets absorbed slowly by your body and is therefore the best choice. Moreover is the Pro 90 a good supplement to solid food on rest days and moments you can’t eat for a longer time.
The overview above is recommended in combination with your training schedule. However, if you want to focus on bodybuilding, other supplements should be added to it. Also keep in mind that your body needs other nutrients too, combine this schedule with a healthy and balanced meal plan.