Coming in a tray of 32 little gluten-free balls consisting of a hard wafer outside and a white chocolate protein cream on the inside. A low sugar protein snack that will conquer your heart.


If you have tasted the delicious Premium Protein Spread "Milk Cream" before, you will recognize it as the smooth filling of Cabanas. With a sugar content of 4,3% and a protein content of 21%, you won’t have a bad conscience. Cabanas are a perfect snack for a cosy Netflix evening after an intense workout. But even more as an addition to your snacks throughout the day to give it that extra crunchy white chocolate flavour. And that extra protein of course! A real taste experience in times of craving something sweet, where you don’t want to give in to high-calorie candy.

Watch out, because that tray will be empty before you know it.