Low-Calorie Syrups from heaven

    This is something we all have been waiting for. A great addition to our wide spread product line.

    Complex 8:1:1 BCAA-G : the ins and outs

    Complex 8:1:1 BCAA-G is your perfect partner when it comes down to maintaining and building muscles after an intense training sessions.

    Heavenly Cabanas

    Coming in a tray of 32 little gluten-free balls consisting of a hard wafer outside and a white chocolate protein cream on the inside. A low sugar protein snack that will conquer your heart.

    Brownie & Caramel - New Protein Crunch

    Protein bar. Brownie. Caramel. Crunchy. Do we need to say more? As super convincing all these words combined sound, the flavour is even better.

    Tasty New Flavor Drops

    Tired of tasteless desserts or missing that sweet savor since you’re cutting most of the sugar out of your diet? The Flavor Drops are perfect for the improvement of your food and shakes.

    Protein Baking Mix - Pancakes, Waffles and More

    Happiness is… pancakes. Does this sound familiar to you? Well aren’t you lucky, because our heavenly protein pancakes are back! And even better than they were before!

    Sports Breakfast - New and amazingly delicious

    A delicious and very nutritious breakfast shake that delivers quality carbohydrates and proteins to you while pursueing your healthy and active lifestyle.

    Your protein shake: with milk or water?

    When thinking about the liquid to add to your protein shake, a lot of you will consider water instead of milk. But why did milk fell into descredit?

    Protein Pizza

    Are you a real pizza-lover and eagerly looking forward to that one cheatmeal every week where you fi-na-lly can stuff your face with those tastefull pizza triangles? Well, that time is over! With these Protein Pizzas, brand new our product line. The crust has some killer nutritional values and you can add all the perfectly healthy, no-cheat toppings of your desires.

    Get rewarded for your loyalty

    As from now we have imported a new feature on our webshop to reward your loyalty.
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