Glutamine, the number one amino acid for cell growth and muscle recovery!
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L-Glutamine is a semi-essential amino acid having a key role in the anabolism of proteins in the human body.
During intensive training, muscle cells need large amounts of glutamine. Except for loss of muscle tissue, there is also often an incomplete muscle recovery. If the body lacks glutamine, it will be taken from the muscles, resulting in loss of muscle mass to release the glutamine. As soon as the body disposes of sufficient glutamine, the lost muscle mass will be built again. Thanks to its building properties, glutamine is taken as a nutrition supplement during periods of stress (both physically and mentally), during very intensive training and while recovering after an injury or operation.

But this amino acid not only functions as a recovery element. Glutamine is essential for cell growth and it is the most important fuel for the complete immune system. Glutamine also stimulates the glycogen synthesis in the liver and muscles and reduces muscle acidification after training. It helps to get a positive nitrogen balance. The more positive the nitrogen balance of the body is, the more muscle mass will be possible.

Suggested use: Take a maximum of 10 capsules per day, every time 5 capsules with 250ml of liquid (preferably orange juice), during meals, before the workout and before going to sleep.
Packaging: Available in a pot of 100 capsules.

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