FRESH'UP GEL 36 x 25g

An energizing gel to sustain effort!

Content tube: 25 g

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During long-distance exercise, the body needs a regular supply of sugar. Energy drinks can be a solution, but when it comes to provoking an energizing effect, gels are more effective

With its concentration of glucose syrup, refreshing gel is quickly assimilated and allows a rapid recharge of energy. Its combination with guarana and ginseng produces an “energizing” effect.  

Essential oils of eucalyptus provide a sensation of freshness. Sodium helps maintain an ideal level of hydration. Vitamins compensate for losses due to perspiration, which are significant during exercise.


• Energizing effect

• Refreshing

• Energy supply

• Contains vitamins and minerals

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Flavour N/A
Objective Energie
Flavour Munt-citroen
Remarques N/A
Technische fiche N/A
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/ 100 g/ packet de 25 g
Energy 287 Kcal / 1219 KJ 72 Kcal /305 KJ
Protein 0 g 0 g
Carbohydrates 72 g 48 g
     Of which sugars 18 g 12 g
Fat 0 g 0 g
     Of which saturated fatty acids - -
Vitamin C 48 mg (60% RDA*) 12 mg (15% RDA*)
Vitamin B1 0,7 mg (60% RDA*) 0,2 mg (15% RDA*)
Vitamin B6 0,8 mg (60% RDA*) 0,2 mg (15% RDA*)
Sodium 0,05 mg 0,01 mg
Fiber 0 mg 0 mg
Guarana seed extract 50 mg 12,6 mg
     Caffeine content 6 mg 1,5 mg
Ginseng root extract 50 mg 12,5 mg
Kola nut extract 50 mg 12,5 mg

EN 25 g tube to use during exercise in combination with regular hydration
FR Tube de 25g à consommer pendant l'effort en association avec une hydratation régulière
NL Tube van 25 gr te gebruiken tijdens de inspanning in combinatie met regelmatige hydratatie

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