A group of unsaturated fatty acids and an indispensable nutritional supplement for your healthy body.

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Supplementation with Omega 3 is not only suitable for you as an athlete, but for everyone. It is an essential fatty acid with various benefits to your body; which doesn't make this fatty acid itself. 

Omega 3 helps to support flow, control your cholesterol, your ability to concentrate, the skin, the nervous system and it keeps your muscles and joints flexible. There are several scientific studies that conclude that fish oil supplements (containing EPA and DHA) reduce adverse LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels. The beneficial effects of omega 3 fatty acids on rheumatoid arthritis have been demonstrated. Improved performance by improving blood flow, which means: more oxygen, more waste and less acidification.


• Stimulates the overall health of the body

• Good for cholesterol

• Helps with the blood flow of the muscles

• Good for the cardiovascular system

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  / 2 softgels
Omega 3 2,00 g
     Of which EPA 660 mg
     Of which DHA 440 mg
Vitamin E 24 mg

EN Take 2 softgels daily with 250 ml of water

FR Prendre 2 capsules par jour, avec 250 ml d’eau
NL Neem 2 softgels per dag met 250 ml water

Fish oil, softgel (gelatine (bovine), glycerol), d-alpha-tocopherol.

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