Liquid amino acids for an optimal recovery of damaged muscles! Performance Amino liquid is ideal for athletes who do not like large tablets.
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During heavy trainings, the muscles are being severely damaged. A normal nutrition doesn’t provide enough nutrients to rebuild these muscles. Power sports have the intention to increase muscle mass, therefore the common nutrition should be added with extra supplements. By taking amino acids, the muscles will recover faster, muscle degeneration is prevented and muscles get more volume in a faster way.

The amino liquids are based on the collagen protein hydrolysate, a fast assimilating protein.
Proteins are necessary for growth, oxygen transport to the muscle cells, the preservation and renewing of muscle tissues and organs. Contrary to proteins the body still has to digest to release the amino acids, the pure amino products are already digested partly and in this way, they guarantee a maximal assimilation and an optimal recovery of the damaged muscles.

Amino acids contain nitrogen and ensure a good nitrogen transport to the muscle cells. They prevent muscle degradation and support the recovery of the muscle tissue and muscle renewal.
There are 8 essential amino acids. Because our body can’t produce these essential amino acids, we need to consume them through our nutrition or by taking extra supplements. The Bcaa’s (L-Valine, L-Leucine and L-Isoleucine) are the most essential amino acids known in the sports world.

Amino Liquid is a liquid product with a cherry flavour and contains 19 essential and non-essential amino acids. Because the Amino Liquid is enriched with vitamin B6, the nutrients will be better absorbed by the body.

Suggested use: 20ml per day, to consume undiluted (see closure for dosage).
Flavour: Cherry
Packaging: Available in a bottle of 1000ml.

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