Maximum fat burning with Maxalean.
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Maxalean is one of the best available weight loss products on the market!
It contains many ingredients with thermogenic and 13 properties: Guarana, Green tea, yerba mate, Citrus Aurantium, L-carnitine, Cayenne and Naringine.
The guarana berry contains a high concentration of caffeine, much higher than in coffee or tea.
It has been taken for ages because of its 9 increasing properties, it increases mental alertness and helps to ban overall exhaustion.
Green tea and yerba mate support the separation of water from fat cells and slow down the storage of fatty acids.
The extract synefrine is obtained from Citrus Aurantium, which is a herb. Synefrine is called the
replacer of ephedrine. It contains the same positive, thermogenic and 13 properties of ephedrine but without the negative side effects.
L-Carnitine helps to turn fat into 9 during exercising.

Suggested use: Take 4 capsules daily, twice a day 2 capsules before a meal or workout.
Packaging: Available in a pot of 100 capsules.
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