L-Carnitine helps to turn fat into energy.
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L-Carnitine is the amino acid that plays an important role in the energy system of muscle cells and the fat metabolism. L-carnitine ensures the transport of the fatty acids through the wall of the mitochondrion, where they are burnt and converted into energy. During exercising, this amino acid helps to turn fat into energy, with the result that one can burn excess fats and slimming becomes easier. It also improves stamina and ensures that muscles recover faster after training.

The L-carnitine liquid 500ml bottle is enriched with choline and inositol, which support the conversion of stored fat into fatty acids. These fatty acids are assimilated in the blood stream and transported to the muscle cells.

There are 3 varieties available:
L-Carnitine Ampoules: the 25ml ampoules contain 1250mg L-carnitine and are enriched with vitamin B5 and B6.
L-Carnitine Liquid: the Liquid L-Carnitine 500ml is enriched with choline and inositol
L-Carnitine capsules

Suggested use:
L-Carnitine Ampoules: 1 ampoule of 25ml a day.
L-Carnitine Liquid: Take 20ml (2 tablespoons) daily, on an empty stomach, before physical exercise or on non-workout days between meals.
L-Carnitine capsules: take 2 capsules daily with 200ml of water, before the workout or between 2 meals.

The liquids: orange.

L-Carnitine Ampoules: A display contains 20 ampoules x 25ml.
L-Carnitine Liquid: Available in a bottle of 500ml.
L-Carnitine capsules: Available in a pot of 100 capsules.

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