Fluid Fighter

An excellent means for fighting fluid retention and weight!
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Performance Fluid Fighter is a natural food supplement based on 4 different kinds of plants.
Bucco, Uva-ursi, burdock root and parsley are well-known plants which stimulate the removal of fluid from the body.

The 100% natural formula will remove the excess liquid from the body in a soft, natural way and will make you feel lighter and slimmer. Because the product consists of natural substances, neither habituation nor side effects occur. Fluid fighter also contains Vitamin B6 for a better absorption by the body. This product is also recommended to use before competition to become a ‘dry’ effect.

Suggested use: Take 3 capsules a day with 250ml of water.
Packaging: Available in a pot of 90 capsules.

/ gélule % des RDA*
Potassium 80 mg 4%
Buchu leaves 75 mg
Uva rsi leaves 75 mg
Parsley leaves 50 mg
Burdock root 50 mg
Vitamin B6 1,65 mg 117,5%

*RDA : Recommended Daily Allowance

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